Give XRP xApp

The first project implemented by CFCE is Give XRP, a decentralized xApp hosted in the XRP Ledger wallet Xumm. 

Registered 501(c)3 nonprofit partners who have gone through the secure wallet registration process will be listed within the app, and Xumm users will be able to donate their XRP by sending it directly to the wallets belonging to nonprofits. 

Following the donation, donors and nonprofit partners will automatically receive donation receipts containing the details of the donation and relevant charitable contribution tax deduction information via email receipt and unique NFTs.

In addition to receiving tax deductions on charitable contributions, donors also avoid capital gains fees they would otherwise pay for converting cryptocurrencies to USD, as well as expensive exchange fees.

Future developments of Give XRP will let users collaborate on projects with other users and nonprofits. Look for more information on Give XRP, NFTs, and tokens posted soon!

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